vSphere 5 Deep Dive

By | July 12, 2011

One of the things that bugs me on product launch days is the lack of decent technical info.  Sure, there’s always a ton of high level marketing bumph and press releases, but who cares about stuff like that!

With that in mind, the Infosmack Deep Dive team have worked extremely hard to put together 1 hour and 15 minutes of no nonsense deep dive podcasting with some of the most recognised experts on the topics.  We’ve done our best to cut through the crap and deliver technical content that you will find hard to find anywhere else.

If you want to know the craic with vSphere 5, this is the best place to find it…


In the show we cover what we feel are the hottest topics, and we spend time on them.  Topics such as –

  • Virtual Hardware version 8
  • Storage DRS
  • The new HA engine
  • VMFS 5
  • 64TB LUNs
  • ESXi
  • Virtual Center 5

Joining us on the show this week we have some of most recognised professionals and experts on the topics –

Frank Denneman – Consultant Architect at VMware

Duncan Epping – Principal Architect at VMware

It’s fair to say that Duncan and Frank wrote the bible on VMware HA, DRS and Clustering.  There first book VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical Deepdive is honestly one of the best tech books I own.  And I’ve ordered my copy of their new book – VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive.

Michael Heffernan – Chief Technologist at HDS.  Heff is responsible for HDS integration with hypervisor products and has some deep hooks in to VMware.

Add to the above, Rick Vanover and myself and we have a team of people doing our absolute best to give the information that you want!

I hope you enjoy the show and learn something. I did.

Listen to the show via the player below, or visit Infosmackpodcasts.com

If you enjoy the show, we have plenty more planned and plenty more already on the shelf an waiting to be listened to.  Go see for yourself at Infosmackpodcasts.com.

2 thoughts on “vSphere 5 Deep Dive

  1. Jean

    IBM mainframe are not as proprietary as Intel X86 can be…as far I know only few processor architecture are truly opened (Sun Sparc was). Intel X86 is not open and so IBM mainframe. But few years back they were more opened with Fujitsu/Amdalh and Hitachi producing IBM mainframe compatible CPU. Like AMD paying royalty to Intel. IBM can license it’s CPU architecture as long as you have the money to pay.

    In fact Intel bought virtual patent from Hitachi when they’ve formally abandon mainframe back in early 2000. This is where Virtual truly started on Intel architecture…

    Like anything else in IT. Everything is own by a company somewhere. This is why we see so much lawsuits these days. Open source does not exist…

    See my post here

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