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I create video training courses at Pluralsight. These days they’re usually about Docker, but I’ve got courses on storage and Linux as well.


24 thoughts on “Training Videos

  1. Neal Klein

    I’m not going to get all misty with you, but you explain things really well, and your voice is … well … REALLY easy on the ears. Helps the information sink in. And you don’t try to be too funny but you’re not a robot.

    Please record more training videos. You’re totally solid.

  2. Choirul

    Hi Nigel. I just finished watching your Docker video on Pluralsight. Really like the way You teach and describe stuff. Your slow, clear UK accent improves my listening skill :).

  3. San

    Finishing the Docker Deep Dive, just stopped by to say Thank you. It has a great flow and content. It’s probably one of the best course I have come across. Keep up the good work!

  4. Bustam

    Can you please make a training video on Red Hat Clustering and GFS2. I just love the training videos on Red Hat. The way you explain I find it very helpful to remember and understand the nitty gritty.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Suman

    Hi Nigel:

    Its such a pleasure to have trainer like you…
    I just completed your Docker Deep Drive course, and as always, it was one of the best..
    The teaching style, technique, etc. all are flawless. …

    I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone who wish to get going with Linux, Docker, Container, Storage and System … please follow each and every course of yours….

    You are doing a great job and your contribution towards the IT and Computer Science community is significant…

    Thanks for all your research, hardwork and putting all your efforts to build such super awesome and sophisticated courses.


  6. degquans

    Hi Nigel, great videos, clear voice and also on point. You make learning so easy. Great well done.

  7. Hassan

    I am able to watch your tutorials on pluralsight on the 2x speed setting yet retaining all info (night before Ramadan style). You must explain to us how you can telepathically control the console too though, I rewinded at 1x speed but could not figure it out still. It is all just amazing, thanks!

  8. Sam Smith

    Enjoyable AWS course. You are very funny and explained everything well. Please do more courses.

  9. Mad

    Hi Nigel,

    I have been watching your docker course on pluralsight, and just want to ask you to update the video for installing docker on windows Server 2016. the course that is currently on pluralsight is outdated as it demonstrates with 2016 TP. Can you please post the course with the new release of 2016.

  10. Nigel Poulton Post author

    Hi Mad. I’m in the progress of updating another Docker course and will be updating the installation as part of that. So shouldn’t be too long now until I get an update out there. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Alexandre Barros

    Hi Nigel great work at PluralSigth!
    I’m trainning GO, and although my English is terrible, with your explanation I’ve great progress with GO.
    Thanks brother!

  12. Arrey

    Any plans for RHEL7 courses? Like the whole 9 yards mate. I mastered RHEL6 from you. Thanks a bunch

  13. Kari Marttila

    Nigel really rocks with his Docker training videos. I have recommended them to our developers. Great way to visualize things when he explains what’s happening in config files or console. And the way he speaks – just super cool! 🙂

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  15. Antony Savio

    Hi Nigel ,

    I have been going through and learning from you Kubernetes course on Pluralsight and you have done a fantastic job of making that technology easy to understand and more importantly to visualize the components of it . Keep doing what you are doing . Great job man

  16. Phil

    I’m currently watching your Docker Deep Dive course.
    It’s been my morning waking up activity for a little over a week now.
    Haha this morning you killed me with your joke about “yelling docker ps” to list available children in the house haha.
    Crazay (it’s in the Deleting containers chapter)!

    I think at some point you use the `docker containers –tree` command or something like that.
    Then I wanted to use it.
    Then I learned the hard way it doesn’t exist anymore.
    Then I learned layers have changed a bit.
    Is there a current course explaining the new layering system? Do you plan on making one?


  17. Nigel Poulton Post author

    Hi Phil.

    In working on an updated version of my Docker Deep Dive course for q4 2017. You might also try my Docker Deep Dive book on Amazon. They might help.


  18. Kiruthika

    Hey Nigel! You make things very simple! Love your videos. Your videos are so useful for beginners like me 🙂 great job! Keep posting !

  19. Jay Rengasamy

    Thanks Nigel for your Course on Docker ( I bought your book too) and Kubernetes. I liked them and it was a good to start with those courses for my work.

  20. Kartik Narayana Maringanti

    Thanks Nigel for fabulous course on pluralsight “Docker Deep Dive”, really with having no experience am now able to build and deploy into production and most importantly can talk in container terminology. Thank you once again and yeah the claim, from zero to hero is undoubtedly true and apt.

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