STORY: About the price of my Docker book

By | February 8, 2018

Let me get straight to the point. I am absolutely gutted about the high price of the paperback edition of my book! Genuinely mortified!

Here’s the story (short).

I spent 6 very long, very painful weeks adding 200 pages to the book and am extremely proud of the final product. I think it’s the best out there.

Anyway, the paperback is made possible via Amazon’s print on-demand service. And when I uploaded the manuscript, I got the following screen and nearly cried.

Here’s the thing… When I first published the paperback edition I wanted the reader’s experience to be amazing. So I opted for high quality paper and full color. This was gonna be the kind of Docker book Steve Jobs and Apple would produce. And it is! And all was good when the book was 220 pages – $29.99 seemed reasonable.

But…. shock of all shocks – double the size of the book = double the printing cost. You’d think I’d have known.

And it’s not possible to change the paper quality or switch it to black & white without starting a full new edition.

So this is out of my control and I’m genuinely gutted about the high cost!!!! Clearly I’ll sell less copies 🙁

However! Despite slaving for 6 weeks (12+ hour days) and doubling the size of the book, I have not increased the Kindle or Leanpub e-book price. I have total control over those prices and have kept the price the same. If I could have kept the paperback price down, I would. But I couldn’t.

But it’s a hell of a book! And in all its full-color glory with its stunning images, it wouldn’t be amiss in the waiting room at the dentist 😀

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “STORY: About the price of my Docker book

  1. Shawn C.

    I purchased your book just less than a week ago and noticed the edition change. With the added elements, I’d be willing to spend the extra dollars on the new edition. However I did purchase the e-book edition as well for the updates.

    I’d say that your book is worth every penny. It has helped me get a pretty good grasp on Docker (not a pro, but much further than I was before getting the book).

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