Solid State Storage Symposium

By | April 19, 2012

Next week sees the first ever Solid State Storage Symposium in San Jose, CA.

The who’s who of the solid-state storage world will be in attendance and I’m expecting it to be cracking technical event discussing what is easily the most important and interesting topic in the storage world! In fact one of the attending vendors has recently implied that the solid-state revolution may be as pivotal as the transistor revolution.  Interesting take, considering the massive influence on life and society that the transistor has had.

This inaugural Solid State Storage Symposium is a one day event be guaranteed to be packed with high quality information and discussion. If you;re in the area and want to attend, free tickets are available from here.

In the afternoon I will be running the following panel –

What’s the best solid state storage array architecture?

synopsis:  The 20+ year old array architectures that are served up, day-in day-out, by the traditional vendors are struggling to cope with todays I/O demands. How they will cope with tomorrow’s is anyone’s guess. Looking to plug the hole and steal their business is an increasing crop of solid-state array vendors. Yet they’re all going about it entirely differently. This panel will get to the bottom of how to design great SSD arrays and why they’re architected like that.

I’ll be doing my best to make sure the questions I put to the panel are the best possible questions on the topic.

Following on from this I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts around solid state storage through posts and podcasts.

Chris Evans, Howard Marks, Robin Harris and Stephen Foskett will be in attendance and leading the panels and discussions. These are guys that I respect a lot and recommend you follow them and their opinions. They have some great insights and opinions, despite the fact that I don’t always agree with them.

Vendors in Attendance

The following vendors will be in attendance –









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