Secure erase and SSD

By | March 12, 2008

Below is the answer to securely erasing data from Flash drives  –

Link here



AUTHORS NOTE:  I have removed the reference to Symmetrix from this post as it has been pointed out to me that this solution is not Symmetrix specific.  I guess Im jsut like a well stoked fire over the prospect of SSD in enterprise storage (read EMC Symmetrix DMX-4) and got a little carried away 😉

4 thoughts on “Secure erase and SSD

  1. the storage anarchist

    Actually, that’s not a Symmetrix-specific solution.
    Nor is it one that meets the DoD requirements. I think they require disk drives (and tapes) to be ground up into chunks no larger than 2mm.
    But good try!

  2. Nigel Poulton

    Sure its not a Symmetrix specific solution, but I could hardly title it "Secure erase from SSD on USP" could I  

    Oh and to make it DoD approved all we would need to add would be bubbling pool of white hot metal to the end of the conveyor belt.

    Ive done some work for MOD (UK equivalent of DOD) and they shipped disks offsite via a specialist company who physically destroyed the platters.  I never did ask them how they destroyed them.  Hmmmmm……..

  3. Jesse

    <p>The problem I’ve not heard anyone address yet is the 100,000 write-erase cycle limit on NAND memory.  The folks at Fusion IO ( had an interesting response to that question.</p><p>"When it fails, the data will still be in tact, you just can’t write to that block." </p><p>Um, ok.  but it’s still a failure.</p>

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