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By | August 13, 2014

As a tech addict, I have a daily craving for techknowledge that just has to be fed. But as a busy guy, I struggle to find the time to feed the craving. I certainly don’t get time to sit down and read stuff. So one of the best ways to feed this craving is to listen to tech podcasts. Literally every moment of *downtime* I get, I listen to podcasts.

And when I say downtime, I mean things like; mowing the lawn, driving the car, working out in the gym. Any time I’m doing any of these things, I’m also listening to podcasts and consuming tech content – and who says men can’t multi-task….. though you should see the state of my lawn 😉

Anyway, podcasts are perfect for me, and I’m constantly refining the list of podcasts I listen to. So in case it helps anyone with a similar problem – always on the move and afflicted with an insatiable hunger for tech knowledge – here is my current list of podcasts that help keep that hunger at bay –

Unmissable Podcasts

This Week in Tech (TWiT) –  @twit

This one’s probably my main intake for tech related current affairs. As the name suggests, it’s a weekly show, with a bunch of fairly likeable guys discussing what’s going on in the tech world. More often than not, this show hits the bulls-eye for me.
In fact, I recommend you check out the top-notch list of other podcasts that are available on the TWiT network. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something there to meet your needs.

Linux Outlaws@sixgunwire

Another weekly podcast that has a loose focus on Linux – though the presenters tend to go off on anything trending in the tech world. And if you listened during the World Cup it was more of a World Cup Outlaws than Linux Outlaws. That said, it’s one of my favourite podcasts and I listen every week.

Speaking in Tech@SPEAKINGinTECH

I know two of the presenters well (Greg and Ed) and respect their opinions a lot. This shows covers what’s trending in the tech world and I like their style.

So……………… Those are the shows I listen to every week, almost without exception.

Some others that I listen to, but don’t lose any sleep over missing an episode or four…..

Podcasts I Try My Best to Listen to

No Agenda@noagenda

OK, so this one’s not really tech focussed. But it’s a pretty good podcast for giving an alternative view of what’s going on in the world. I enjoy it, and it’s pretty good as a non-tech-focussed outlet.

Grey Beards on Storage

This is an enterprise storage related podcast hosted by a couple of guys that were regular co-hosts on my old podcast. I respect these guys a lot for their deep tech knowledge – not to mention their thick grey beards! If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the staggeringly dynamic world of storage, this is a good podcast to listen to.

Sunday Morning Linux Review

I like this podcast because it sticks pretty much to Linux and doesn’t stray off into politics or pop culture. It has a fairly decent round-up of what’s going on with Linux distro’s, and development in the kernel.

Linux Luddites@linuxluddites

Again, I like this for it’s Linux focus, and they do a great job in that respect. My main gripe is that because of the name of the show, they come across as making too much of an effort to sound like Luddites. A better show title might have allowed them to speak more freely without *having* to take the Luddite perspective.

That’s my list for now. I’m totally open to suggestions so I can improve it!

2 thoughts on “Podcasts to Feed the Technology Mind

  1. GS Khalsa

    I like your list and will add a couple of these to my list. A few others I’d recommend: PacketPushers, vSoup, VMTN Podcast, Virtual Security Roundtable, Adapting IT and VUPaaS – Virtualization User Podcast as a Service. For non-tech podcasts I’ve got a much longer list http://vbrowncoat.com/?p=18 that needs to be updated. Cheers!

  2. Mike Murphy

    Hi Nigel,

    If you were still doing Podcasts, I’d put yours on the must-have list. What’s your best advice on getting some podcasts going again or at least I’m interested in hosting my own or being part of a routine group. I think the challenge is finding the time to do these, but if we get a few folks running them, I think we could have a routine weekly show. Thoughts?

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