Perpendicular for dummies

By | January 11, 2007

Darren, a guy who Im working with at the moment has just pointed me to this funky flash animation explaining perpendicular recording.  Its definitely worth watching, but you will need the sound on.  If your having trouble explaining perpendicular recording technology to your friends in the pub on an evening just get them to watch this demo.

<Link here>

4 thoughts on “Perpendicular for dummies

  1. c2olen

    I’ve seen it before. It really is a nice way to tell the story.
    It’s been linked to on many storage related sites.

  2. Nigel (mackem)

    Wow I must have had my head burried in the ground for a while as Ive never seen it before….. AND Im supposed to be up on my Hitachi storage products.

  3. Jesse

    that hurts the head – but interesting. When i first saw the title I thought it was in relation to tape technology, I.E. Linear-Serpentine format, etc.

    Funny to storage guys, oddly strange and disturbing to the rest of the world.

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