CoreOS Fires a Rocket Up Docker’s ****

Quickly setting the scene……. Containers are rocking the IT world. I think they’re the next generation of virtualisation technology. And I think in time they’ll supersede the virtual machine as the dominant runtime environment for applications. And Docker is emerging as the de facto standard in this new world of containers. And that’s all well and good.… Read More »

Nimble Storage – Heir to the Throne of the SME?

I’m seriously thinking the recent announcement that Nimble Storage will support Fibre Channel might herald the birth of a new major primary storage player. And I seriously mean a major player… right up there with EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP… How come? Isn’t the FC market flat? Well, may be. But it’s still a huge-old market.… Read More »

Sorry Nimble Storage – I Don’t Believe You!

So a few weeks ago I was at Nimble Storage HQ for a briefing with the Storage Field Day crew. Nice site, nice breakfast, and thanks for contributing towards my travel and hotel costs (that’s the disclaimer out of the way). The Claim! Anyway, as part of the presentation, Rod Bagg (VP of Customer Support)… Read More »

Containers Explained

So in this weeks In Tech We Trust Podcast (listen via the controls below) we talked a bunch about Docker. And part way through the conversation Marc Farley suggested we back up a little and give a quick primer on Docker and Containers. Cracking idea. So we did that on the podcast, but I think… Read More »

Watch Out Virtual Machines… Docker is Coming!

Holy shmokes… things are moving fast! The more I look around, the more it looks like the venerable old Virtual Machine (VM) is on its way out! For the longest time, the best way to run multiple apps on a single piece of hardware was the VM model. In fact it was so good we… Read More »

Nexenta – Back in da house…

So aaaages ago I downloaded and played with the community edition of NexentaStor – one of the real early software defined storage (SDS) technologies. And I remember being pretty excited…. I mean, at the time, SDS was still in its primordial state, and here was a free-to-download working product! What was there not to get… Read More »

VSAN Is No Better Than a HW Array

One of the major topics we discussed in last weeks episode of The In Tech We Trust Podcast was VSAs vs VSAN. And I think it’s a pretty interesting topic. VSA’s Commoditize the Hypervisor The way I see it, the VSA approach offers more choice, more competition, and is ideologically superior. I’m a huge believer… Read More »

Shellshock Dawns a New Era

If there’s one thing that the Shellshock Bash Bug has taught us….. it’s that securing our technology infrastructure is more important than ever. The potential havoc that can be wreaked on a system vulnerable to the Shellshock bug is just a nightmare! Finger Pointing All software has bugs, and there’s no finger pointing going on… Read More »

XtremIO Craps on EMC Badge

Let me say… as a person who’s been involved with storage for a long time, I did not enjoy writing this. But it had to be written. Right. This is a rant. But let me tell you…. it’s worth a read. I can’t quite believe I’m writing this. I mean the title just doesn’t make… Read More »

New Podcast!

Holy crap! It’s been over 2 years since I hosted a podcast. Well….. that drought’s come to an end. Last night I was joined by Gabriel Chapman, Hans De Leenheer, Marc Farley, Mark Twomey, and Rick Vanover for the inaugural episode of The In Tech We Trust Podcast. In episode 1 we talked about the… Read More »