Not your grandmothers "enterprise"

By | August 4, 2009

UPDATE:  I have removed this post due to glaring innacuracies – I trusted my engineer (never again!!) and didnt do my background checking.  Apologies and no harm intended.

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  1. Stephen2615

    Pick on Brocade (and EMC) ?  Thats my job.. 🙂

  2. Martin@Germany

    Hmm, got the Brocade FabOS v6.2.0 Release Notes v4.0 in front of me and cannot see what you’re saying.

    A downgrade to 6.1.0 is disruptive, yes, but that’s the only passage I can find on the upgrade:*snip*When upgrading to FOS v6.2 from FOS v6.1.0g or earlier, the CPs do not fully synchronize until both the new active and new standby CPs are running 6.2. This is normal behavior and the firmware upgrade is still not disruptive.*snip*

    Care to clarify where you got that info from (what version of the release notes ;)?

    Or did I read you wrong?



  3. Nigel Poulton

    Hi Martin,

    You did not read me wrong.  It seems what I have written may be incorrect.

    I raised the issue at work yesterday and we have been speaking with our vendor and also Brocade, and they have said that the upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2 is not disruptive – as per the Releas Notes.

    Im deploying a couple of DCX switches that were loaded with 6.2.0g which were downgraded to 6.1.2a as a result of a bulletin the vendor/engineer received re a small bug in 6.2.0x.  Then our engineer mentioned the *disruptive* upgrade……. so we upgraded to 6.2.0g again as we didnt want to do a disruptive upgrade once the kit had live hosts on it.  Then we had a long discussion about how poor it is for enterprise kit to have a disruptive upgrade.

    So….. I decided to write about it on here and sound the alarm bells at work for other sites with the kit etc and before I know it Ive egg on my face for not checking the facts more closely :-S

    Once I have heard back a little more tomorrow I will update the post with any necessary apologies.

    Im glad actually because I really like Brocade (Sorry Stephen I know you dont really like them)


  4. TimC

    Ya… that is a non-disruptive upgrade.  I’ve gone back and forth from 6.1 to 6.2 at least a dozen times in the lab doing testing.  You should probably edit your post ASAP with a *pending research* or something.This kind of flaming without fact is the sort of thing that gets repeated around the water cooler, and causes issues that should never have existed in the first place.

  5. Stephen2615

    My dislike of Brocade does not come from the hardware which is ok but support which over recent years has gone from pathetic to no freaking way would I consider Brocade.  Brocade support staff just appear to hope like hell that the customer (me in this case) will just go away.  In the last 3 years, a number of cases have been raised and not one has ever been fixed as such.  One case of note was the DWDM links carrying TC sync for Windows and async for Mainframe would just start to have almost exactly 300 ms timeouts which ofcourse caused havoc for Windows and general disquite from the MF guys.  For 12 months, the endless "try this to fix that" proposals (and some required a switch reset which affected hundreds of devices) by Brocade never fixed anything.  I finally gave up and purchased some Cisco switches and the problem went away – end of story.  I was horrified by the stupid things proposed by Brocade.  One of the apparent problems for the time out was switch ports in autoneg mode with nothing at the other end of the fibre was causing this problem.  I mean, if a server was down for a period of time, they blamed it for the terrible timeouts.   Another apparent problem was the Cisco ONS DWDM devices were somehow or another causing this issue.  YAWN..
    Another reason for dumping Brocade was their dropping interop mode with Cisco and Qlogic.  Sooner or later, they will drop it with McData as well and that will force an upgrade to real Brocade switches.
    I am blissfully happy with Cisco mainly because in the last 5 years, not once have I had to raise a call. 
    End of my 2 cents worth..

  6. sruby8

    ouch…i read this a few days ago and now the responses, i feel much better about the DCX (and Brocade for that matter) again.

  7. sruby8

    and on Brocade support, i’ve never had issue with direct Brocade support, going through Sun now that is a whole different story.

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