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I love IT books. They’ve been a massive influence in my IT career. So it’s only right that I give something back…

Below you’ll find a list of books I’ve written. If you buy them on Amazon I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review (stars) so that others can know if they’re good or not. Cheers!

The Kubernetes Book

Docker Deep Dive Book

15 thoughts on “My Books

  1. kellock irvin

    Nigel, what’s going on – I work with Kaminario. Would love to chat –please shoot me back an email or a phone number when you get a chance


  2. Subba Kodavalla

    Hi Nigel,
    I have just started to read your book and am impressed with the flow and content. I believe that this comes from experience.

    A small observation. In the RAID Concepts chapter, “Microsoft Storage Spaces” has been described – same content – in 2 places – on page 132 & 134. Was this intentional?

    With Best Wishes,

  3. Arshad

    Enjoyed and learnt from your PluralSight Linux Storage Fundamentals. THANKS

  4. Seb

    Hi Nigel
    I just wanted to say that I love your book. Not only meaning the technical deepness and didactical awesomeness, no, I truly like the way you’re writing! (And that’s some big compliment, minding that I am not very versed with the english language)

    Things like this, make the whole book worth to read (technically and literary):

    “Snapshots are not backups! Take this statement, burn this into your brain, RAID protect it with at least double parity, and pin it to the high-performance cache of your brain so that it is always there for quick recall!”

    Such statements made me the first time really (and I mean really) enjoy a technical book! I had to laugh hard and I’m confident that i will never mistake a backup with a snaphot… 😀

    So I want to thank you for this great piece of work, I really appreciate it!


  5. Arrey

    Hello Nigel,

    I am a big fan of your Linux videos on pluralsight. I am like a super Linux guy at my job due to your awesome training. I was wondering though, will you be clobbering RHEL6 with RHEL7 ?

    I mean things like :

    1. systemd
    2. journald
    3. xfs
    4. Network Manager
    5. Grub2
    6. Rescue Modes
    7. NTP (chrony)
    8. Docker.

    It will be awesome to have this knowledge from you.

    Thanks always for the great courses.

  6. Bassem

    Hellooo Nigel,
    and great welcome to the great book Data Storage Networking to my life and bookshelf, it’s really a great book i’m reading Thank you storage very much -:)
    In addition to that all of your Pluralsight training videos are awesome.

    Thank you

  7. Sophia

    Hi Nigel
    I saw the “Red Hat Enterprise Linx Storage Fundamentals” and “Red Hat Enterprise 6 Booting and Run Level”.
    I must say I realy realy enjoyed them and the way you learn is very simple and when you explain about it , every body can underestand the meaning well.
    Thank you very much for your teaching well .

  8. Morten H Pedersen

    Have followed 2,5 of your Docker courses on Pluralsight. Good info, but – you should really speed up and cut down on the information-less words and sentences. I run it all at 2 x speed and still it is incredibly slow (I would die at normal speed). 4 out of 5 words are just “fill words” and British slang and superflous allegories. This is meant as serious feedback and not some sort of flaming. The courses really take 4-10 times longer than they should and it makes it hard to stay focused and not doing something else at the same time. I think you should consider it at least. Despite that – I think the topcics, coverage, illustrations and explanations are all very good and useful … it is just very very slow and non-intensive. Thanks and kind regards / Morten

  9. James

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for all the great material.
    Is there any plans to cover OpenShift?
    There is nothing available on Pluralsight yet and the books aren’t arriving on Amazon until October.

  10. Nigel Poulton Post author

    Thanks Morten.

    I’ll try and take the feedback onboard. Generally though, feedback on my delivery style is very positive. The last thing i want to do is over script and take the fun out.

    Appreciate the feedback and will try and be more concise.

  11. Arrey

    Nigel Style is good. It keeps you calm and relaxed while studying. No need to change it. I will recommend for those who want direct action, buy his book.

  12. Bharath

    yeah excellent clarity and nice presentation i have taken introduction with kubernetes in pluralsight awesome stuff

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