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By | June 19, 2017

I’ve had a crazy first half of 2017 cranking out Docker and Kubernetes training materials. In case you missed any of it…

Docker networking video training

The Docker networking video course is important because networking is an area that’s often misunderstood in the container world. It’s also an area that’s seen a lot of development recently.

The course is about two hours long and will get you up to speed with overlay networks fast. It covers the theory as well as the hands-on. This means you get learn how overlay networks work (VXLAN and all that goodness) as well as how to configure them in the real world.

The course also covers other network types such as MACVLAN and IPVLAN.

Updates to my Docker book

I’d made a commitment to update my Docker book as and when major changes occurred.


Well… Docker on Windows has matured a lot since I published the book. So I’ve updated the entire book to include Windows examples throughout. This means the hands-on sections of the book cover Windows as well as Linux.

The content is also all updated to Docker version 17.05.

If you’ve bought the book on Amazon I’d really appreciate a review! If it gets enough reviews I’ll produce a print edition!

Kubernetes video training course

I was really excited to be able to produce a Kubernetes video training course. The folks at Pluralsight had asked me to do this about a year ago, and at the time I told them that I didn’t feel Kubernetes was mature enough – lots of stuff felt like it was still under heavy development.

Well… a year later and things are quite a bit more stable – stable enough that I was willing to invest over two months of work into creating a training course. And I think you’ll love it. It’s about 3 hours long and already has over fifty 5-star reviews.

k8-5 stars

If you’re working with containers and are thinking of Kubernetes, this is the course for you!

New Kubernetes book

I know that videos aren’t everybody’s thing, so I published a Kubernetes book covering pretty much the same content as the video. It’s currently available on Leanpub and Amazon as an e-book. If people like it (I’ll only know if you leave reviews) I’ll consider a print version.


If you buy the book I’d really appreciate a review.

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