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By | March 10, 2015

So continuing my work around Docker and Linux containers, a week or two ago I published another Docker related course on Pluralsight.  This one’s titled “First Look: Native Docker Clustering“…..

The title kind of gives it away – it’ll get viewers up to speed with running a small clustered Docker infrastructure using Docker Swarm.  Now then, this course is only for people who want to be ahead of the curve….. If that’s not you, then you don’t need to read any further.

Wanna be ahead of the curve!

Still here? Magic.

Well I’ve not got a lot to say on this, other than I’m convinced that tomorrows infrastructure will be built around containers…. And a massive part of this future infrastructure is gonna be automation and orchestration etc. And clustering will be central.  I think we’re already at the point where core container technologies are understood and being deployed in production.  So clustering and orchestration etc are next….

Probably at scale we’re gonna be looking at things like Kubernetes and Mesos etc. But for out-of-the-box/batteries-included clustering, Docker Swarm is gonna be a good clustering solution.

So if you’re wanting to get into containers and position yourself well for the infrastructure revolution, get yourself up to speed with containers and orchestration!

In that space, Docker’s a good place to start.  But its not the only container technology out there – Rocket from the guys at CoreOS is great too (though very different).  Then there’s a whole bunch of next gen orchestration and clustering technologies like Kubernetes and Mesos etc.  All gonna be massively important in the very near future.  But before mastering those, you need and understanding of containers and be cool with them first.

Still need to learn Docker?

If you need to learn Docker I highly recommend my Docker Deep Dive course, also available on Pluralsight.  It’s a soup-to-nuts course that starts at the very bottom and explains and demos all core Docker features in detail, taking you beyond intermediate level.  If you don’t know Docker yet, I genuinely believe this is *the* best place to learn it.

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I’d also recommend my Docker Swarm course.  Both courses are there for people who wanna play and work with awesome technologies that are changing the face of infrastructure IT.

Thanks for reading, and let’s go change the world!

2 thoughts on “Learn Docker Swarm – Native Docker Clustering

  1. Amit

    Nigel, do you cover Libchan in this course?


  2. Nigel Poulton Post author

    Hi Amit….. no this course does not cover Libchan. It walks through installing swarm and configuring a 3-node swarm cluster.

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