Learn Docker this Summer – for FREE!

By | August 10, 2015

Seriously… I can’t think of a better thing to do for your career this summer, than learning Docker!

Docker Learner

Well….. my Docker Deep Dive course (don’t be put off by the scary title) is part of select group of online video courses that make up Camp Pluralsight – a bunch of video training courses that are free during summer 2015.  A cracking way enhancing your career prospects and learning cool new tech at the same time.

Seriously…. if you’re not up to speed with Docker, this course is for you! I genuinely think it’s the best way to get up to speed – I mean I honestly did everything I could to make this the ultimate Docker learning experience.

Anyway… pop on over to Pluralsight where the course is available to watch now…  The containers are coming… don’t be caught sleeping!

PS.  Below is some feedback I’ve had via Twitter – notice the comments that say how good it is for newbies!

Docker course praise

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