Kick-ass RHEL Storage Training

By | June 17, 2014

So a week or so ago, Pluralsight released my latest batch of training videos covering Red Hat Linux Storage Fundamentals. And I’m pretty damn excited to see what people think of it!

I had so much fun creating the course, and I challenge anyone to show a better way to learn vital and fundamental storage technologies on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform!

And that’s not me being big-headed – that’s just not in my nature. It’s just my way of saying how stoked I am for the people taking the course….. I had literally had an insane amount of fun creating the course, and I think that comes out in the videos. I think it’s fun, clear, concise and educational.

And it’s video! So you can stop it, rewind it, skip forward, all of that goodness. And of course it’s packed full of hands on examples and demo’s, plus a sample quiz.

If you’re interested in Linux and Storage, I recommend you give it a try.

Some screenshots –











One thought on “Kick-ass RHEL Storage Training

  1. shirwa hersi

    I’m preparing for my RHCSA and RHCE exam, and this video series will help me greatly. I just discovered you on youtube regarding shellshock bug, i like your teaching style. Keep up the good work.

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