3 thoughts on “Its here – USPV!

  1. Karl

    The skins were supposed to resemble the computer screens from the "Matrix" movies.  In person they look much better than the pics you have but they still come up a bit short of really replicating the "Matrix" look (they needed more granularity).  It’s still a nice change from the rather bland fronts on the current USP line and the 9980’s (still don’t know why they dropped the "checkerboard" pattern from the 9980’s – those were cool).

  2. stephen2615

    I read the article about what it can do and I found the usage of the USP V to be quite fascinating.  Whats it good for?  High end UNIX and Mainframe systems that need performance.  Does that alienate Microsoft as we all know the disks rust up when Windows has to use them.
    he he he….

  3. Nigel (mackem)


    now that you mention it I see what they were trying to acheive.  I guess its all down to personal preference though – I really liked the doors on the old USP.

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