Integrating Docker with Devops Automated Workflows

By | October 9, 2015

A few weeks ago I released a lightning fast (~1 hour) video course over at Pluralsight showing how to integrate Dockerized apps into a CI/CD automated workflow using some cool new features on Docker Hub.

Docker’s hot right. And we’ll be royally shafted if we don’t bring it under the control of our existing operational processes and the likes!  Think about it….. who wants tens/hundreds/thousands of Dockerized apps floating around in their estate unchecked? Not me!

Yes Docker’s the bizzo, yes Docker’s important, yes Docker’s blah blah blah. But unless we want a repeat of VM Sprawl and the headaches that brought,we need to get our act together over the reality of Docker and Dockerized apps.

Anyway…. the course takes a small web app + simple test, and shows how to push it through CI tests, integration with Docker Hub (build triggers, webhooks etc…..), and pushing to the world on Amazon Web Services!  All automated… and you’ll learn it all in a single hour! Sounds good to me!

Seriously….. if you don’t already have Dockerized apps in your estate:

  1. Go check again…. you actually might! Remember when we thought nobody was using AWS and then we learned about the whole shadow-IT thing…. Let’s not be caught sleeping at the wheel again.
  2. You will soon!  Seriously…. ignoring Docker aint gonna make it go away. So take a leaf out of the Scouting for Dummies book…. be prepared!

Anyway… that’s about it really… it’s a short fun course. And if you’re too tight-fisted to have a Pluralsight subscription, get one! they’ve always got a free 10-day trial going.

4 thoughts on “Integrating Docker with Devops Automated Workflows

  1. Kelly


    Just love your courses and this one is great. Exactly what I was looking !

  2. davet

    Great courses on Plurasight . As Docker newbie they are very helpful. Keep up the great work

  3. Tarunam Verma

    Hi Nigel,

    I am going through your PuralSight Videos(docker-deep-dive) and I have quick clarification:

    If all layers in Docker image are read only except Top layer then :
    – How we update any image i.e say I have Ubuntu–>Tomcat–>Application and Tomcat version get updated then how do i Update my whole docker image.
    – Container scan tools like Redhat Openscap, how scan the bottom layers when they are read only images?

  4. Nigel Poulton Post author

    To update an image you add a new layer on top. That obscures older/duplicate files etc in the lower layers.

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