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By | June 23, 2011

Even if you’re not a podcast fan, I encourage you to hear me out on this.

The short and skinny of this is that I've started doing Deep Dive podcasts for Infosmack.  And the whole point of them is to be interesting and useful to technical junkies like me.  So if you’re like me at all, you will want to read this.

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First up, I’m a huge fan of audio podcasts. 

I swear I get more than half of what I learn from blogs and podcasts (worrying, I know). 

The problem I have with blogs is that my blog reader has well over 100 blogs that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, and also little chance of having enough time to properly catch-up. 

The audio podcast on the other hand allows me to consume technical content while; driving, gardening, working out, mopping the kitchen…. you get the picture.

The second reason being – while I really enjoyed most of the Infosmack podcasts, occasionally my technical appetite wasn’t satisfied.  So I talked with Greg about adding a Deep Dive brand to the Infosmack portfolio.  Greg loved the idea and I went ahead and started recording shows.  Shows that I personally would like love, figuring that there are other people out there who crave technical material in the same way that I do.

So…….. If you’re anything like me and love technical content, then you’re gunna love the Infosmack Deep Dive podcasts!

Blades vs Rack Servers

Cutting to the chase, the first show is up and available on The Register.  It’s titled Blades vs Rack Servers, and we (myself, Rick Vanoever, Kevin Houston and Bob Plankers) discuss blades vs rack servers.

You can listen to it directly from the Register site using their Reg media player, or by downloading the MP3 here (also linked from The Register).

We are planning tons more shows including things like – Designing for VMware, Flash memory, Deduplication, Protocol wars and a ton of other cool tech related topics.

As well as those, we’ll do speciality shows such as a vSphere 5 Deep Dive (when it comes out), VMAX vs XIV and a ton more.  And that’s just the Deep Dive side of Infosmack.  There’s more than just Deep Dives planned.

What Happened to Greg

Those of you who already know the Infosmack show may wonder what has happened to Greg Kneireimen, founder and host of the show for the last two or so years.  Greg puts it best in his own words on his own site.  I know both Greg and Marc personally and have huge respect for both of them.

The Deep Dive podcasts were planned with Greg over the past couple of months and Greg was hugely supportive of me bringing them under the Infosmack brand, so I’d publically like to thank him for that.  Ass kissing over!


Some quick stuff before I finish.

If you've listened to one, do me a favour and vote on the poll over on the right hand sidebar of the website.

Yes, I know there are other technology podcasts out there, of varying quality both on content and recording quality.  But the plan is to make this the best.  Infosmack scmacks of quality.  Hopefully thee will be a little bit different.  Thats the plan anyway 😉

If you do Twitter, the hash tag for the DeepDive series is #DeepDive

Also, the whole reason for me doing the shows (other than the fact that I have a great time doing them) is to deliver something of worth and interest to the technical community.  With that in mind, I’m more than happy to take suggestions for show topics and advice on what you think may add to the show – just add them as comments to this post, or contact me on Twitter, I’m @nigelpoulton.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you will listen to the shows and enjoy them!

6 thoughts on “Infosmack Deep Dive Podcasts

  1. Brandon Riley

    I think the format is excellent!  I also like audio podcasts b/c I can listen while driving, or getting work done around the house.  Great job on the first one!  Looking forward to more.

  2. Anthony Vandewerdt

    Hi Nigel.
    I thought the blade vs rack podcast was excellent.  It remained informative without straying into vendor bashing (or overt vendor preference). 
    I have the same issue with Blog lists, my Google Reader subscription list is way too long.  
    My only concern with the podcast format is that the information cannot be searched, as its not text!   The only solution is to also publish a transcript which normally costs money.
    Looking forward to listening to the next effort…  thanks so much!

  3. Andrew

    Just to say, I have been a long time listener of the infosmack podcasts and, while I still enjoy them, your deep dive podcasts have quickly become my favourite by far. I have learned an awful lot (I especially enjoyed the recent one with Hef, Chris and Mark (from tintri)). Long may they continue and keep up the great work!

  4. Nigel Poulton Post author

    Thanks Andrew, really glad you like them. They take a lot of effort and its great to hear you enjoy them.

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