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Very, very much off topic……

Just from speaking with various storage bloggers and reading around other storage related blogs its starting to amaze me how many people in this industry seem watch Heroes.

So Im wondering who else out there watches it, and if its some sort of unwritten pre-req for working in storage, that none of us are aware of (until may be now) ???

Im even starting to wonder if both HDS and EMC people watch it and agree that its a great  TV programme – surely not 😉

I watch it, although I'm a few episodes behind (#18) so no spoilers please!


13 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Marc Farley

    The only show I watch semi-regularly is The Office.  I can’t believe they gave Jan’s job to the temp.

  2. Storagezilla

    Right here. I told a ton of people I work with to start watching it after I saw the pilot.

  3. G

    A group of us watch every week, and Tues morning is spent dissecting the  previous episodes (I am reading from Franklin MA)I love it because you have to read the comics, and keep up with online activities to get all of the story.

  4. TimC

    I do, as does at least half of my group 😉

  5. stephen2615

    I am a huge Battlestar Gallatica (BSG) fan.  I am getting withdrawal symptoms as I have to wait until next year to get a fix.  I am still trying to work out why "All along the watchtower" (and it is an excellent cover) seems to trigger the hidden Toasters…  I put Heroes down as an IT addiction in general.  Everyone at my work talks about it non stop.  Perhaps one day I will have to get the series…  Perhaps my puny little brain can’t cope with BSG and Heroes in one year???

  6. marc farley

    OK, my friend Frank Cohen (http://www.pushtotest.com) says BSG is the best TV show ever made.  But if all yous guys are down with Heroes, it must be great.  Can somebody give a clue to this luddite what I’m missing?

  7. Nigel (mackem)

    Chris I cant believe you’ve never heard of it!

    Marc, I wont try and explain it to as I wont be able to do it justice, but suffice to say there are only 2 programmes on TV that hook me in so much that I cant watch them one per week, I have to either let them stack up on my Sky+ box or download them in batches and watch them in chunks.  Once I start watching the first one, my wife doesn’t see me again until Im finished watching them…….ALL

    Although Im obviously not quite as hooked as G 😉

    Lost is the first of the two and Heroes is the other.

    I never really got into BSG but some pals tell me its getting quite dark these days.

    Great stuff, especially to load onto your laptop for when your on the road.

  8. stephen2615

    I am starting to get lost with Lost.  I watched it religiously for the first two years but recently, it is getting way to strange for me.  I really want to know how smoke can roar and kill people..
    BSG rocks… well sometimes it gets a bit slow but the series opening and ending are killer episodes.  I have all of them on my MPEG4 player and take them everywhere.  It almost has a theological reference to it.  A person could almost come to the conclusion that Jesus maybe a cylon.  They believe in one God and can resurrect themselves.
    But I digress.

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