Getting Started with Docker and Kubernetes

By | November 2, 2017

Docker and Kubernetes are two of the hottest technologies on the planet. Fortunately, skilling yourself up has never been easier!

I remember learning Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000. It was hard. I had to beg my employer for a home lab – two noisy PC’s, and one of those monitors that gave me a back injury every time I lifted it. It was also before the the days of VMware, so it was a painful multi-hour slog every time I rebuilt the lab – and I rebuilt it a lot!

Compared to that, learning Kubernetes and Docker is effortless!

Getting Started with Kubernetes

With three simple tools, you’ll be proficient with Kubernetes in no time!

A video
A book
A playground

A video. Getting Started with Kubernetes is my 5-star rated video training course. It’s zero-to-Kubernetes in less than three hours!

A book. The Kubernetes Book covers everything in the video course, plus more! It’s easy to read and it’s kept up-to-date.

A playground. Point your web browser at Play with Kubernetes and you’re a couple of commands away from your very own Kubernetes lab.

How cool is that!

Compared to learning Windows NT 4 in 1998, learning Kubernetes couldn’t be simpler! And it’s cool as heck!

So what’s your excuse! Do your career a favour and skill yourself up!

Getting Started with Docker

Same deal… a video, a book and a playground.

A video. A whole series of them actually – zero to hero.

A book. Docker Deep Dive. Always up-to-date and easy to read.

A playgroundPlay with Docker. You very own Docker lab.

What are you waiting for!

What a world we live in! It’s never been easier to learn the hottest technologies in the world. Do it!

A couple of notes about the videos and the books…

The videos require a subscription. No sweat though… there’s always a free trial. So you can try-before-you-buy. Can’t argue with that! Check out the Getting Started with Kubernetes course trailer –

If you buy the Kindle or Leanpub versions of the books (here and here), you get all updates for free. If you buy the paperback from Amazon, you get the Kindle version for a couple of dollars. Hard to argue with that!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your career.

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