Exploding Data Centre

By | June 29, 2007

I see HP are at it again, this time blowing up a data centre <link here>.

Next time Im haggling a price with them I will be pointing out that they obviously have enough spare cash floating around for some of their guys to play around seeing how much fun they can have trashing the type of kit Im paying to buy!

Looked like fun though.

Don't miss the, not so subtle, point of the Windows server failing over quicker than the Linux.  Hmmmmmmm

3 thoughts on “Exploding Data Centre

  1. Storagezilla

    Having looked at the latest EVA speed bump the next time you’re haggling with them you should point out that you’re doing them a favour just by putting their box in your data centre

  2. stephen2615

    I was a bit disappointed with that XP 12000 demo.  It could have been extremely stressful on the fish…
    I wonder what the story would have been if the bullet was shot about 18 inches from the floor dead smack throught the middle of the XP firing from the left or right side.  I am assuming that the cards for cluster 1 and 2 sit in some backplane and if that goes, then there is nothing to save it.
    On a side note, we once had a HP NON STOP system (or  Tandem) and we did some horrible things to it when we decided to decommission it.  More then 60% of the parts were gone and it still worked.
    At least it is better then using youtube like HDS does…..

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