EMC World and Christmas

By | June 13, 2007

He’s said it again!  A while ago Mark over at Storagezilla said that he thought it might be a great idea if the storage industry rearranged its calendar making EMC World the industry event of the year .  Well he’s said it again, this time in response to Snigs post on Vendor Marketing .

I’m sure he says it somewhat tongue in cheek, hoping people will bite and keep talking about EMC, a bit like what I’m doing now 😉  However, I couldn’t let it go unchecked again.  Hey, may be he’s 100% sincere, if somewhat naïve?  Who knows?

Basically he is suggesting the following –

  • Bring the whole gang together, EMC, HDS, NetApp, IBM, HP… you name them they’re on the list, under the same roof.  Good idea.
  • Run breakout sessions in the same rooms.  Err potentially a good idea.
  • Show their wares on the same floor.  Good idea.
  • Give keynotes on the same stage.  Err potentially a good idea

Although I can see where HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Sorry I couldn’t help laughing again.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes……. Although I can see where he might be coming from, and I do think there is some potential in it, I think there is also the distinct possibility that the event could become a farce.  Running the risk of turning into something resembling the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Question time (for those of you who have not had the pleasure of witnessing this – basically you have at least two sets of people who disagree on absolutely everything, even the things that they really agree on.  They shout, heckle, fall asleep and occasionally throw paper across the room at each other while people are speaking).

But the presumption that such an event could be called EMC World leaves me speechless!  Why would everybody unite under such a banner?  He of all people should know something about the difficulties of trying to unite different people under one country, or company, flag.

I see the idea as being similar to expecting every religion in the world to alter its calendar to celebrate their major festival at the same time the Christian world celebrates Christmas, oh and by the way, they also have to rename their festivals to “Christmas” as well.  Duh!

Christmas is great and EMC World is great, but I just don’t see everybody else joining in the fun.


9 thoughts on “EMC World and Christmas

  1. Chris M Evans

    Perhaps we could also employ Santa Claus and other mythical personalities to extoll the virtues of particular products… the big fat man in a red costume recommending the bloated DMX, the tooth fairy plugging ILM (both figments of the imagination) – the bogey man could advise on EMC’s company purchase strategy….

  2. Chuck Hollis

    OK, all joking aside …
    Did you know that RSA World is the de-facto get-together in the security world?  Lots of competitors show up, and they manage the situation pretty well.
    Ditto for Oracle World — they used their market leadership to create an interesing show, and — yes — you see other database vendors there in force.
    Anybody want to bet against the fact that VMworld will turn into the de-facto confab for server virtualization?
    I think we’d all agree that there’s no good show where all the storage ecosystem types get together.  I, for one, feel a bit shortchanged by all the usual suspects.
    And there seems to be two models: some sort of independent event, and one where a large vendor uses their market presence to create such an environment.
    I think it’s up for debate as to whether it’d work or not at EMC World.  Certainly there are challenges all around.
    But there are other examples out there that seem to be working OK, so it’s not a completely outrageous.
    Have a banana, guys 😉

  3. Storagezilla

    If you can pay for it then go for it Nigel, but so long as EMC is paying the bill for EMC World and delivering the show it’ll be EMC’s name above the door regardless of who shows up. Why would it be any other way?

    Maybe we could call it Storage Networking World and have a couple of hundred people show up instead of 7000? Oh wait that’s happening already.

    But lets face it, it’s going to be the biggest show regardless of if it were open to competitors or not.

  4. snig

    SNW isn’t a bad event during the Monday education sessions.  It’s the rest of the show that is bloated and boring.

    I’m a member of the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) and they have a great show.  It’s vendor neutral and each session is moderated by CMGers and if a vendor get too much marketing in a preso then they get the boot.  CMGers from all over the world write papers and present them at the show during a week of educational sessions.  There is a vendor floor to show their wares, etc.

    Storage Decisions is about as close as we have to what the CMGers have.  I’d love to see a storage organization similar to CMG pop up and host one of these shows.  We’ll see if it happens.

  5. Marc Farley

    A long time ago SNIA got together with Compterworld to create SNW.  I think the relationship for that show is being re-evaluated this year and there is a possibility that SNIA could chose another show-provider to work with.  I don’t think its going to happen considering the nature of that relationship.
    The Monday education piece and the Hands on lab at SNW are probably the most valuable for regular people who want to get useful information.  But for bar hanging out with industry types, its very hard to beat SNW.
    Zilla-man, if you are still listening here – if we chucked it all for EMC world, would youz guys pick up the bar tab?

  6. Jesse

    You know – I’ve worked for/with EMC for almost 10 years and have still never attended EMC World.
    Though it’s probably just another one of those "Geek-Stock" type shows where everyone goes around to try and see what kind of free crap they can get from the vendors.
    Closest I came was working at HP-World in 1999, where I was sitting in the booth with 103 degree fever trying to keep from passing out.
    The funniest part of that show was that it was something like six weeks after the Data General acquisition was announced, and the data-general guys kept going over to the McData booth and asking "So what’s it like to get bought by EMC?"

  7. billy bathgates

    I went to SNW a year and a half ago, and it was a TOTAL waste of time. Would have gotten more out of a paper symposium as the rep from Dunder Mifflin. The only reason I went for one day is because it was in town, the list of talks was NOT promising in the least. The complete lack of technical content was borne out by my short visit. I've been to several DECUS symposia in the past which were great, so I know it doesn't have to be that way. Tons of from the trenches FM sessions, and vendor presented sessions deeper than the thickness of a sale brochure.

    I had a followup survey about the show and I told them exactly what I just said, and the next year the schedule was another load of the same chid.

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