Dynamic Provisioning: v1.2 of Unofficial Best Practice guide available

By | February 20, 2009

As stated in the title, version 1.2 of the HDP/ThP Unofficial Best Practice Guide is available for download.

New/updated in this version are –

  • Two page section on theory.  Not quite a deep dive but hopefully of use.
  • Updates and clarifications on availability of dynamic expansion of DP-VOLs as of ucode v04a.
  • Addition of new Zero Page Reclamation functionality.
  • Thoughts on multiple Pool.
  • Updated comments on Heterogeneous Pools.
  • ………..

Many thanks to everybody reading and using the document, Im amazed at how widely it is circulating among HDS and HP customers.  Please feel free to pass it on and point people to the blog site.  We're interactive on the blogsite via comments and are always willing to help.

Special thanks to those who contact me with feedback, thoughts and experience.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Hitachi, HDS or HP.  I am not an authority on HDP, I am just a passionate and enthusiastic user hoping to help others.  I try and keep it up to date but do have a day job, family and a life.

Download HDP-ThP: The Unofficial Best Practice Guide

10 thoughts on “Dynamic Provisioning: v1.2 of Unofficial Best Practice guide available

  1. Nigel

    Cheers bud, although I feel Im getting old now 😉

    BTW I have another doc on the go – USPV Unofficial Manual.  Might need some contributing authors though.

  2. sruby

    Nigel, let me know when you have that USPV Manual ready. I’d like to take a look. The DP guide is great.

  3. Nigel

    Thanks Stephen.

    I'm hoping to put an early draft up for download this coming week.  Its a very early draft as with some empty chapters that I havent had a chance to write yet. 

    Im wanting to tout other folks with experience who feel they can add content to step up and contribute content as well as feedback.

    I'll drop you a mail this week later on listing some of the chapters that need more content if you're interested.  Same goes for you snig.Im also open to ideas on additional chapters etc….

    Let me know if you're interested.


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  5. Sushi

    I’d be interested to take a look to see if there is anything I can contribute to the USP-V manual.

  6. Carl Isenburg

    Nice work, Nigel.

    I have a question for the community, here:Does the usage of HDP change how your provisioning process?

    For instance, do you deploy very large V-VOLs, then create small file systems?  (that would allow you to grow them later – non-disruptively)

    Or does it change anything at all?

  7. Nigel Poulton

    Hi Carl, thanks for the kind comment.

    As this is an old(ish) thread, and not many people keep track off comment feeds, I thought Id give my penny's worth based on what Ive seen as well as what people have told me –

    A lot places have so far stuck with standard LUN sizes that they already present (e.g. 5GB 10GB 25GB and 50GB).  They do this for two main reasons that I hear –

    • 1. Keeps things simple. Especially while they get to know and trust HDP and also while they still have older frames that they do not run HDP on and do not have its flexibility.
    • 2. Makes migrating in LUNs from older arrays via UVM easier.
    • 3. Actually a 3rd reason – some folks are running "Classical" provisioning as well as HDP on the same frame, and keeping with existing "standard" LUN sizes feels sensible for some of them.

    (Dont confuse the DBAs and Server guys by giving them too much choice for LUN size etc)

    However, some people are starting to talk a little more about changing the way they provision now that dynamic expansion and Zero Page Reclaim has hit the streets.  Most of my experience was prior to these features being available.  But like all new technologies and new approaches, people like to look before they leap, especially for mission critical apps.

    Quite a few people seem to very open to the notion of presenting all external storage through the USP V as HDP.  But are less likely to take this approach with more performant internal capacity, and like to keep some reserved internal capacity for performance applications and as a general safeguard.

    Im not seeing or hearing about a lot of people (I cant think of any off the top of my head) writing small file systems to DP-VOLs and expanding them on when needed.  Most people I know are not overly keen on the over-provisioning aspect of the technology and see the almost micro-management of file systems on DP-VOLs as going against the inherent benefit of simplified and quicker LUN provisioning.

    With the additions of Dynamic volume expansion and Zero Page Reclaim I expect the things might start to change a little more.

  8. sruby

    Another good post here. I am more excited to use DP-VOLs are a new way to provision traditional LUNs. I think there may be some fit for the "thin" part of it, but we’ll play that one by ear. Now i just need a new USP-V in my Primary DC (still have USP).

  9. Biju Krishnan

    Really appreciate the fact that you are willing to share all the knowledge you have.
    Excellent reading material.

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