Docker book available in paperback!

By | July 13, 2017

My Docker book is now available in paperback from Amazon – woot!

Docker Deep Dive Book

Even though I’m a techie, I hate reading on a screen. For me, paper rules. So I’ve finally taken the plunge and arranged printed copies – available through Amazon Prime in certain markets. Gotta be happy with that.

Next up I’m planning on getting signed copies into the Library of Congress, the Reading Room of the British Museum, and of course….. the Vatican Library 😀

NOTE: If you already own my title “Docker for Sysadmins” this is the same book. I’ve renamed it to “Docker Deep Dive” based on the long-term plans I have for the book. If you have the Kindle or Leanpub editions of that title you will continue to receive updates – it’s the same book, just with a different title.

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