Do you rule Docker?

By | January 11, 2018

Today I had a conversation with my 6 year-old daughter about Docker. It went like this:

Mia: Dad, you know how you work for Docker…

Me: Well, no actually…

Mia: Well are you the Captain of all of Docker?

Me: [Laughing] … no sweetie.

Mia: Do you rule Docker?

At this point I’m wetting myself laughing. And with hindsight I should’ve just answered “Yes darling, I rule Docker” 😀

But what really happened…

Me: Not quite darling, I don’t even work for them.

Mia: Seriously dad! You wear their clothes all the time!

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One thought on “Do you rule Docker?

  1. Jesmin Ningthoujam

    Made me smile, such a cute conversation. I can imagine how gratifying it must be to know that your 6 yr old notices your association with “docker”:) btw would love to own a hard copy. Pluralsight vids are kickass. Cheers!

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