Discovering HP at HP DISCOVER

By | June 6, 2011

**UPDATED with questions around what HP has to do to up its game.  Questions in blue.

This week I’m in Vegas for HP’s premier showcase event.

Why have I bothered to travel half way around the world in coach class, messed up my body clock and had my luggage go missing……?

HP Discover entrance

I’m not a gambler, so it certainly isn’t to try and make a penny or two on the tables.


If I thought I was coming for deep technical storage sessions I’d be disappointed.  Of the million sessions available there is not a single session that meets the search criteria of “Storage + Technical Advanced” :-S  A bit gutted, but I’ll live.

From a storage perspective I’m here to find out what is different NOW about HP and HP StoreageWorks that means they will be more than a storage “also ran”.

I want tot know what has changed that means they won’t do what they did to the EVA with technologies like 3PAR, IBRIX and LeftHand.

In my personal opinion, EVA was years ahead of its time.  Native disk pooling and wide-striping.  Advanced core virtual RAID engine.  Native backend re-balancing…..  HP should have wiped the floor with the competition, but clearly did not.  Damn shame, but hopefully lessons have been learned.

In my heart of hearts I’d like to see HP turn up the heat in the storage space like they have in the networking space!  We’ll see.

So just a few questions:

What the heck do HP have to do to be leader in storage?  Is it people, is it technology, is it focus, is it price, is it services, is it integration….?  Or….. do they have no hope?  I'm interested in your thoughts, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


That brings me nicely on to networking.

I have to say I’m impressed with how HP are shifting through the gears in the networking space.  The networking market has needed some genuine competition for a long time and HP are starting to provide that.

I’m hear to learn HP’s vision and goals for networking and how they are going to be a significant player in the future. 

I’m specifically interested in things like HP FlexFabric and network convergence.


HP pretty much own the server market, both rack mounts and blades. That’s all well and good, but that’s a hard position to maintain.  I want to know what HP are innovating in this space to maintain that market share and to keep ahead of the competition.

Other Stuff

To be honest, the above are that major reasons I’m here.  Anything else is a bonus.

I will say that one thing I have zero interest in is their webOS and mobile device story.  I open to being convinced, but I have registered zero interest in any webOS related sessions.

Anything technical and interesting, I will post about.  Everything else will be zeroed out and the extents in my head reclaimed and added back to the free space pool.  So……. will I come back from HP DISCOVER with a lot more cool stuff in my head, or will my background cleanup process that runs in the background while I’m sleeping on the flight home just clear out a load of rubbish?????

Oh and finally a little bit of HP storage porn to feast your eyes on –

HP Storage porn

And I wonder which array is missing in action here?  Is it a late arrival, or has it been shifted to the stage for a big announcement?

HP storage MIA

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