Dell and Cool Tech…. Errrrr?

By | April 14, 2014

Hmmmm "Dell" and "Cool Tech"…. not exactly two terms that naturally roll off the tongue…

So I just landed in Frankfurt to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum (I quit my 9-5 so should be more active and involved again).

Caught up with Enrico Signoretti tonight at the welcome lunch.  As it always is with Enrico, it was an education.  Talked about some proper awsome technologies – Nutanix, SimpliVity, CloudByte, Pure Storage, Nexenta…… oh and a bit of Compellent vs 3PAR in the mix too – ater all, it's a Dell event so would be rude not to talk about any of their tech 😉

So that's how you fit "Dell" and "Cool Tech" into the same sentence – you attend a Dell event and talk about other cool tech.  That said, I'm sure I'm gonna learn about some cool Dell tech tomorrow.  Not willing to hold my breath on it, but Im going there expecting…. So don't disappoint me Dell.

Anyway, funny thing is, I remember when I thought things like Compellent and 3PAR were the most soolest technologies in town…. How things move on!  While storage has never been boring, there's little doubt that its the place to be right now.

While I say I'm interested to hear what Dell have to say tomorrow, so far, of the big ugly companies out there (your Dells, EMCs, HPs, IBMs, Microsofts, VMwares blah blah….) I gotta say the one that's got the most interesting technologies from where I'm standing is EMC with ScaleIO and XtremIO.  VMAX is a dog, VNX is a pig, and Vblock is a freak.  But ScaleIO and XtremIO are keeping me awake at night!  Seriously.

Oh and may be I should add VMware VSAN to that list of interesting tech, though Im not sure on that one yet. Meh.

Feels good to be out and about on the blogging circuit again!!

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