Deep Dive Podcast with VirtenSys

By | March 3, 2010


On the topic of I/O Virtualisation, we look into a product that takes I/O adapters (NIC and HBA) out of physical servers and places them into a Top of Rack switch and extends PCIe out of the server chassis to the ToR switch.  The notion of extending PCIe out of the server and plumbing a rack with PCIe is very interesting.

Host: Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton)
Co-host: Greg Ferro (@etherealmind)
Guest: Bob Napaa, VP Business Development at VirtenSys
Guest: Marek Pierkarski, Chief Technology Officer at VirtenSys

3 thoughts on “Deep Dive Podcast with VirtenSys

  1. Paul Sudlow

    Hi Nigel,
    Once again very educational session!  I listened with great interest to this podcast, following your previous one on Xsigo! This whole area of Virtualised I/O is gaining inertia and momentum in terms of its visibility and value with customers. I meet many organisations across EMEA who are involved in some form of server virtualisation projects from Vsphere, Hyper V to Xen Citrix.  It makes sense that this part of the data path is the next  'physical' area to draw the value of virtualisation from.
    The compelling reason to go this direction for most customers remains a commercial one! Reduction of operating costs, power, cooling etc… simplification of storage and infrastructure management. I was recently with 2 customers who can no longer get anymore power to their data centre, they have 1000's of servers and are looking for any advantage they can get to drive more efficiancy from their current architecture. Their only other option is to pay for a power substation to be built!! £££££!
    Virtensys offers a very interesting solution to a major part of this problem, stripping out additional underutilised resources and consolidating them "outside the server" as well as introducing an element of operational agility to the Data Centre, i.e. the use of virtualised aggregation switches would make 10GbE far more affordable for a much larger share of the market, thereby driving adoption in the whole "Over Ethernet" proposition, iSCSI or FCoE…..
    I met Marek and his colleagues when Virtensys collected the 'Techworld Virtualisation Product of the Year'  award in London in December., very impressive bunch of guys.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sim

    Another very interesting Podcast Nigel. Looking forward to listening to the broader IO virtualisation one you mentioned in this one.

  3. Adam

    Thanks for Posting this Nigel, it was a great podcast along with the earlier Xsigo podcast. Looking forward to seeing more as this is definitely an area that will be picking up a lot of steam in the years to come. IOV is an area I've put on the radar of our SVP for professional service and solutions here at Softchoice.
    I'd love some further info and detailed info on other areas/features like haripin turns etc as well 🙂

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