Christmas podcast with the co-inventor of RAID technology

By | December 22, 2011

RAIDing a Planet Sized Brain

Last week, Rickatron and I had the privilege of having Dr Garth Gibson, the co-inventor of RAID technology, on the Deep Dive podcast.

To say that Garth is a legend of the technology world is an understatement. 

I’m posting this here in case anybody reading this site doesn’t know about the podcasts that I do over at  Hopefully the show is a great listen and may be something that you can listen to on a drive/flight/train home for the Christmas holidays (for those of us who celebrate Christmas).

I’ve not had a chance to listen to the show myself yet, but we touched on some cracking technology topics when recording.  Garth’s insight is tremendous.  This guy is thinking way way ahead and is extremely switched on.

Some of the topics we covered included –

  • Future of RAID (obviously)
  • Future of solid state storage
  • Future of magnetic recording media – rotating rust
  • Sub-LUN tiering
  • Commodity Hardware with all of the smarts in software
  • The rise of less and less reliable technology
  • Parallel NFS (pNFS)
  • Securing storage
  • Technology predictions for 2012

The show is about 55 minutes long, and Rick and I did our best to raid this guys massive brain.  No small task.

Enjoy listening.


…or click to download this podcast

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