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HUS VM: Tier 1.5 from HDS

HUS VM: What is in the name? Ordinarily I wouldn’t spend much time on the name of a product, especially an HDS product where the incumbent Master Namer seems adamant on starting every product name with the word Hitachi.  But a name can often tell you can tell you a lot about something.. So, while… Read More »

VSP and VMAX Tier 1 Shenanigans

Hu Yoshida, CTO of Hitachi Data Systems and long time legend of the storage industry is a person I respect a lot.  Hu and I recently engaged in a discussion around the validity of architectures like VSP and their designation as Tier 1, which Hu summarised in a recent blog post he cut and pasted… Read More »

3PAR V-Class: The Best Just Got Better

Disclaimer: I’m a self confessed fan of the 3PAR architecture.  I think its best and cleanest design of all of the enterprise class storage arrays on the market.  But I admit that architecture isn’t everything, service, support, cost etc all play a part in the wider solution. Anyway, now that that is out of the… Read More »

Did HP StorageWorks Invent EMC FAST and FAST VP?

While recently in Las Vegas for HP Discover 2011, I had a really interesting conversation with the guys at the HP P9500 booth.  For those, like me, who despise the HP naming convention, The P9500 is the latest and greatest in what used to be the XP product line – you know the high end… Read More »

Hitachi: My Thoughts and Opinions

Six or seven years ago I took a permanent job with HDS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd (日立). For the record I was there for about 1 year As part of the on-boarding process we were shown a PowerPoint presentation with a picture of the CEO of Hitachi Ltd.  Alongside the picture was… Read More »

Storage Benchmarking and Formula 1

After spending goodness knows how long branding SPC benchmarking as the biggest waste of time since Soap Opera’s, EMC have made an about turn and signed up for some SPC benchmarketing goodness. Prior to joining the SPC, EMC were vocal about such benchmarks being based on artificial workloads that do not accurately match any one… Read More »


Considering the number of searches for “VSP vs VMAX” that land people at my site, I figured it was about time I wrote something on the topic so that all those people who end up here from that search have something worth reading.  So here we go….. EMC Symmetrix VMAX vs Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform… Read More »