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Dell and Cool Tech…. Errrrr?

Hmmmm "Dell" and "Cool Tech"…. not exactly two terms that naturally roll off the tongue… So I just landed in Frankfurt to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum (I quit my 9-5 so should be more active and involved again). Caught up with Enrico Signoretti tonight at the welcome lunch.  As it always is with Enrico, it… Read More »

Software Defined Madness

Quick shout out to Rick Vanover at Veeam and his short and snappy 30-minute Veeam Community Podcasts. Yesterday I recorded a quick podcast with Rick on Software Defined Stuff, including Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Data Centers…. I really enjoyed talking about this stuff, and you like your tech and are interested… Read More »

Xsigo Would Seriously Up HP’s Game

I got pretty excited about SCSI Express the other week when I was at HP Discover in Vienna. Well…. while there I had a quick Twitter exchange with Scott Lowe and Amnon Izhar about fabrics.  This is another topic that gets the old juices flowing.

vSphere 5 Deep Dive

One of the things that bugs me on product launch days is the lack of decent technical info.  Sure, there’s always a ton of high level marketing bumph and press releases, but who cares about stuff like that! With that in mind, the Infosmack Deep Dive team have worked extremely hard to put together 1… Read More »