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XtremIO Craps on EMC Badge

Let me say… as a person who’s been involved with storage for a long time, I did not enjoy writing this. But it had to be written. Right. This is a rant. But let me tell you…. it’s worth a read. I can’t quite believe I’m writing this. I mean the title just doesn’t make… Read More »

On HP and OpenStack

One of the things I was pretty pleased about at HP Discover, was HP’s focus on OpenStack. OpenStack is a tech that I’m pretty damn interested in. And along with Docker is a technology that I think will be massively influential in the next few years. May be even as influential as Linux has been… Read More »


So I’m currently in sunny Colorado Springs, sportig my new beard at the HDS Influencers Summit. Don’t ask me what that means or why I’m here, but last night I joined a shabby crew of tech outlaws to record a Speaking In Tech Podcast. Anyway, the topic turned out to be really interesting, and nothing… Read More »

Tiering in All-flash Arrays

Last week, as part of a quick post I scribbled about Pure Storage, I asked the question – Are they still innovating? Fair question I thought – after all, not a lot has changed in their product over the last ~2 years. But then I struggled to think of areas where they could realistically still… Read More »

Rant about cool new tech vs Mainframes and SPARC

Attended a Blogger Briefing at Dell Enterprise Forum today. Hmmmmmm….  From the off it was obvious that Dell wanted us bloggers (all 4 of us at the entire event!) to sit watch their panel run through a scripted discussion covering topics they wanted us to hear about.  Yeah.  Pretty cheesy and obviously doomed from the… Read More »

All-flash and Garbage

So a ton of buzz in the industry around flash storage and in particular all-flash arrays.  Warranted buzz in my opinion, as I think a lot of all-flash are about to start chomping their way through the infrastructure lunch that’s traditionally only been on the menu for big iron storage arrays like Symmetrix and even NetApp. But… Read More »

SMB 3.0. Best Feature of Windows Server 2012

I’m not exactly enamoured by Windows Server 2012.  I’m not sold on the UI and have not yet seen any killer features to make me, or customers, desperate to have it. But….. looking closely at version 3.0 of Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) protocol has me excited.  It looks the bizzo!

Solid State Storage Symposium

Next week sees the first ever Solid State Storage Symposium in San Jose, CA. The who’s who of the solid-state storage world will be in attendance and I’m expecting it to be cracking technical event discussing what is easily the most important and interesting topic in the storage world! In fact one of the attending… Read More »

Hitachi Bites the Disk

So on Monday 27th March 2011 Hitachi Ltd announced that it was effectively selling its disk manufacturing business (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) to Western Digital (WD). Could be very significant for enterprise disk architectures.  Read on to see why…

Podcast with Hu Yoshida, CTO @ HDS

I recently attended a blogger event at HDS corporate HQ in Santa Clara, CA. This was a landmark even for HDS PR and social media, and hopefully marks significant improvement in the way that HDS engage with the community and their customers.  While at the event I had the privilege of joining with Greg Knieriemen… Read More »