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Quick Question on VSAN vs XtremIO Architectures

This is just a really quick one…… I noticed that upgrading an existing VSAN to the newly announced VSAN 6.0 is a non-disruptive rolling upgrade. Fair enough, so it should be right? Well…… part of the upgrade requires what sounds like a fairly significant underlying on-disk layout change.  Basically, the upgrade to VSAN 6.0 updates… Read More »

Nimble Storage – Heir to the Throne of the SME?

I’m seriously thinking the recent announcement that Nimble Storage will support Fibre Channel might herald the birth of a new major primary storage player. And I seriously mean a major player… right up there with EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP… How come? Isn’t the FC market flat? Well, may be. But it’s still a huge-old market.… Read More »

Sorry Nimble Storage – I Don’t Believe You!

So a few weeks ago I was at Nimble Storage HQ for a briefing with the Storage Field Day crew. Nice site, nice breakfast, and thanks for contributing towards my travel and hotel costs (that’s the disclaimer out of the way). The Claim! Anyway, as part of the presentation, Rod Bagg (VP of Customer Support)… Read More »

New Podcast!

Holy crap! It’s been over 2 years since I hosted a podcast. Well….. that drought’s come to an end. Last night I was joined by Gabriel Chapman, Hans De Leenheer, Marc Farley, Mark Twomey, and Rick Vanover for the inaugural episode of The In Tech We Trust Podcast. In episode 1 we talked about the… Read More »

Podcasts to Feed the Technology Mind

As a tech addict, I have a daily craving for techknowledge that just has to be fed. But as a busy guy, I struggle to find the time to feed the craving. I certainly don’t get time to sit down and read stuff. So one of the best ways to feed this craving is to listen… Read More »

3PAR Dedupe – Let’s Take a Look

OK then…. the *big* storage announcement at HP Discover was dedupe for 3PAR. Well, now that the fireworks are finished and the rock music’s died down, I think it’s time we take a closer look and make sure it’s not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors…. First though, let’s quickly summarise what HP announced… Read More »

OUCH! Tomorrows disk drives will be slooooow!

So I presented at a VMUG in the UK earlier this week. Topic: The Future of Storage. Cracking topic I thought…. I can make up whatever I want and not get shot down. But more seriously, storage is one of the most interesting areas of enterprise tech at the moment, with so much going on.… Read More »

Pure Storage: Show Me the Money!!

Holy shmokes! Pure Storage just netted an insane $225M in Series F funding! Taking their total VC cash haul – after 6 rounds – to a not too shabby $470M!  That's right, 470 meeeeellion dollars!  US dollars. Not Jamaican dollars!   So what does that mean?