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RAN: Rack Area Networking

Ever heard of a Rack Area Network? The term, as well as the concept, of Rack Area Networking is one I’m hearing more and more often.  As a result of this, as well as the fact that I’m convinced this is going to be one of the most interesting and important areas of Data Center… Read More »

Xsigo – Try it out, I dare you!

OK, if you don’t already know Xsigo Systems, and what they do, then you are seriously missing out! The way that I see it, Xsigo (pronounced “see-go”) are of particular interest for two reasons – Firstly, they are playing in the steaming hotbed that is the I/O consolidation and virtualisation space.  This area of Data… Read More »

Video: Arista Networks and technology talk

While at SNW Europe I had the opportunity to visit the Arista Networks booth with my video camera in hand, and the guys on booth duty were good enough to allow me to shoot some footage while we talked about their products. Enjoy the video and then feel free to comment on my thoughts below… Read More »

Tech pictures from SNW Europe

Here are some tech related photos I took at the recent SNW Europe in Frankfurt Germany. In my opinion the show was a real success with over 1,500 attendees, of which over 1,100 were end users and reseller delegates and the remainder made up of general riff-raff such as vendors, press and the likes…. One… Read More »

Video: Virtual Fabric for IBM BladeCenter

The below video is something I shot yesterday while at Storage Networking Europe in Frankfurt Germany.  In the video, William Lloyd Scull Senior Network Architect at BLADE Network Technologies, demos a feature of the IBM BladeCenter Virtual Fabric (comprised of Emulex OneConnect UCNA, BLADE Network Technologies Blade Switches and IBM BladeCenter hardware). In the video… Read More »

Why HP should buy Brocade

One of the rumours doing the rounds today is that Brocade are apparently up for sale or at least considering the possibility – I stress at the moment of writing this that it is pure speculation.  Clearly rumours like this must be taken with a bucket of salt and are often either blatantly untrue and… Read More »

FCoE: Unovering the CNA – Deep Dive

Continuing with my current theme of Fibre Channel over Ethernet, and at the request of several people, this post will take a close look at Converged Network Adapters (CNA). Now then, there is no easy way to put this, but to do justice to a topic like this will require a lot of words.  I’ll… Read More »