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Demystifying Docker overlay networking

Docker overlay networking is insanely simple to configure. I mean insanely simple! But lurking beneath the simplicity of the setup are a bunch of moving parts that you really wanna understand if you’re gonna deploy this stuff in your prime-time production estate. Anyway… last week I attended the Docker Open Systems Summit in Berlin and… Read More »

Software Defined Madness

Quick shout out to Rick Vanover at Veeam and his short and snappy 30-minute Veeam Community Podcasts. Yesterday I recorded a quick podcast with Rick on Software Defined Stuff, including Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Data Centers…. I really enjoyed talking about this stuff, and you like your tech and are interested… Read More »

Xsigo Would Seriously Up HP’s Game

I got pretty excited about SCSI Express the other week when I was at HP Discover in Vienna. Well…. while there I had a quick Twitter exchange with Scott Lowe and Amnon Izhar about fabrics.  This is another topic that gets the old juices flowing.

Discovering HP at HP DISCOVER

**UPDATED with questions around what HP has to do to up its game.  Questions in blue. This week I’m in Vegas for HP’s premier showcase event. Why have I bothered to travel half way around the world in coach class, messed up my body clock and had my luggage go missing……?

Dell, new storage superpower?

NOTE: Originally posted 19th August 2010 but temporarily removed.  Obviously since I wrote this, HP have come along and trumped Dell in their bid for 3PAR… Earlier this week Dell wrecked my day when they announced their intention to acquire 3PAR, the company that – in my personal opinion – has the best storage array… Read More »

Does it matter if Data Center kit looks sexy or not?

Does anybody really care if Data Center kit looks cool and sexy?  Do things like blue neon lights make a difference to sales? While eating out recently with a group of top industry techies* in Tokyo Japan, we had a short light-hearted discussed of the above.  There was a definite difference of opinion; some of… Read More »

Hitachi makes networking kit! Does it matter?

I always thought I knew a thing or two about Data Centre technologies, in particular Hitachi/HDS (i’ve worked closely with them on and off over the past 6-7 years).  So what was my surprise today when literally stumble across a boatload of Hitachi networking kit that I had absolutely no idea existed! 

Deep Dive Podcast with Xsigo

In this inaugural episode of the Technical Deep Dive Podcast I'm joined by Greg Ferro from and Camden Ford from Xsigo Systems.  Cam talks to us about Xsigo Systems and the technologies and solutions they offer.