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Docker 1.12 The Game Changer

It’s no secret that Docker and containers have been threatening to change the world for a while now. And they already have for some of us. But you know what… there’s always been something missing, something preventing it from taking off big style. Like a missing ingredient or something. Well it’s missing no more! WARNING:… Read More »

Here come the *real* server Operating Systems…

The days of server and desktop Operating Systems looking and feeling the same are gone – those are the olden days! We’re being invaded by a new breed of *proper* server Operating Systems.  These guys are stripped down, hardened, tuned and optimised for server workloads. They’ve got none of the extra crap needed for things… Read More »

Docker on Windows – Some Insight

So last week I had a cracking and informative conversation on Twitter about native Docker support on the next version of Windows Server. So I thought it only right to scribble down the good stuff here for anyone who didn’t get a chance to listen in and get involved. It all started when Stu Miniman… Read More »

Shellshock Dawns a New Era

If there’s one thing that the Shellshock Bash Bug has taught us….. it’s that securing our technology infrastructure is more important than ever. The potential havoc that can be wreaked on a system vulnerable to the Shellshock bug is just a nightmare! Finger Pointing All software has bugs, and there’s no finger pointing going on… Read More »

Podcasts to Feed the Technology Mind

As a tech addict, I have a daily craving for techknowledge that just has to be fed. But as a busy guy, I struggle to find the time to feed the craving. I certainly don’t get time to sit down and read stuff. So one of the best ways to feed this craving is to listen… Read More »

VM Sprawl – Docker to the Rescue!

Right then. A week or so ago was DockerCon where version 1 of Docker was announced. And personally, I think this is a technology that’s gonna absolutely rock the world! To set the scene, let’s take a quick look at the world we currently live in. The VM World There’s no doubt that we live… Read More »

Kick-ass RHEL Storage Training

So a week or so ago, Pluralsight released my latest batch of training videos covering Red Hat Linux Storage Fundamentals. And I’m pretty damn excited to see what people think of it! I had so much fun creating the course, and I challenge anyone to show a better way to learn vital and fundamental storage… Read More »