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Anyone for Target Driven Zoning

The Fibre Channel world is dying with nothing new or interesting in the pipe right.  Well, not quite.  While its definitely not the melting pot that is cloud  and it doesn’t have software defined in it’s name, cool stuff is still happening – at least cool in my opinion – and Target Driven Zoning is… Read More »

Dell, new storage superpower?

NOTE: Originally posted 19th August 2010 but temporarily removed.  Obviously since I wrote this, HP have come along and trumped Dell in their bid for 3PAR… Earlier this week Dell wrecked my day when they announced their intention to acquire 3PAR, the company that – in my personal opinion – has the best storage array… Read More »

Deep Dive Podcast with Xsigo

In this inaugural episode of the Technical Deep Dive Podcast I'm joined by Greg Ferro from and Camden Ford from Xsigo Systems.  Cam talks to us about Xsigo Systems and the technologies and solutions they offer.

The Blade is Dead! Long Live the Rack!

OK, so the blade and the blade enclosure are not about to disappear, but the shift towards the Rack as a unit of design and a unit of management suggests we may be about to witness the coronation of the Rack as the new King.  Well.. kind of…

RAN: Rack Area Networking

Ever heard of a Rack Area Network? The term, as well as the concept, of Rack Area Networking is one I’m hearing more and more often.  As a result of this, as well as the fact that I’m convinced this is going to be one of the most interesting and important areas of Data Center… Read More »

Tech pictures from SNW Europe

Here are some tech related photos I took at the recent SNW Europe in Frankfurt Germany. In my opinion the show was a real success with over 1,500 attendees, of which over 1,100 were end users and reseller delegates and the remainder made up of general riff-raff such as vendors, press and the likes…. One… Read More »

Video: Virtual Fabric for IBM BladeCenter

The below video is something I shot yesterday while at Storage Networking Europe in Frankfurt Germany.  In the video, William Lloyd Scull Senior Network Architect at BLADE Network Technologies, demos a feature of the IBM BladeCenter Virtual Fabric (comprised of Emulex OneConnect UCNA, BLADE Network Technologies Blade Switches and IBM BladeCenter hardware). In the video… Read More »

Emulex UCNA at SNW Europe

Today I attended the Emulex launch of their OnceConnect Universal Converged Network Adapter (UCNA) at SNW Europe, and I liked what I saw. Most will know by now that Im all for converged Ethernet unified fabrics.  Still, Im well aware that some of the vendor offerings are very “Generation 1” and have that version 1.0… Read More »

CEE the future

Wherever you look these days there’s no shortage of talk about FCoE.  However, sometimes I think a little too much attention is given to FCoE and people sometimes overlook the underlying DCB/CEE Enhanced Ethernet – In my opinion, this where much of the real work and enabling is happening.  So lets spend a couple of… Read More »