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Here come the *real* server Operating Systems…

The days of server and desktop Operating Systems looking and feeling the same are gone – those are the olden days! We’re being invaded by a new breed of *proper* server Operating Systems.  These guys are stripped down, hardened, tuned and optimised for server workloads. They’ve got none of the extra crap needed for things… Read More »

A Container First Approach

It seems like everyone I speak to about Docker containers thinks they can’t replace virtual machines. Well…….. I beg to differ! I thought containers could only run a single process? First up. Why do people think containers can’t replace VM’s? Well…. from my extensive scientific research (a.k.a my gut-feel after conversations with various people) it… Read More »

Containers Explained

So in this weeks In Tech We Trust Podcast (listen via the controls below) we talked a bunch about Docker. And part way through the conversation Marc Farley suggested we back up a little and give a quick primer on Docker and Containers. Cracking idea. So we did that on the podcast, but I think… Read More »

VM Sprawl – Docker to the Rescue!

Right then. A week or so ago was DockerCon where version 1 of Docker was announced. And personally, I think this is a technology that’s gonna absolutely rock the world! To set the scene, let’s take a quick look at the world we currently live in. The VM World There’s no doubt that we live… Read More »


That's what I call ART – an Acronym Rich Title 😀 Anyway…. a bit of a personal dilemma – On the one hand, I'd love for us all to be working against open standards, of which CDMI is one.  It’s just that any time I've looked at CDMI, it just looks and feels like communism… Read More »