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Stop Hiding the Negatives!

I was asked to comment on Chad Sakac’s post about not trusting people who *go negative*.  Basically Chad is telling us not to trust anyone that says negative stuff about a technology.  Frankly I think that notion is dangerous and absurd! NOTE:  I’ve no beef with EMC, XtremIO here. I just think what Chad is… Read More »

New Podcast!

Holy crap! It’s been over 2 years since I hosted a podcast. Well….. that drought’s come to an end. Last night I was joined by Gabriel Chapman, Hans De Leenheer, Marc Farley, Mark Twomey, and Rick Vanover for the inaugural episode of The In Tech We Trust Podcast. In episode 1 we talked about the… Read More »

3PAR Dedupe – Let’s Take a Look

OK then…. the *big* storage announcement at HP Discover was dedupe for 3PAR. Well, now that the fireworks are finished and the rock music’s died down, I think it’s time we take a closer look and make sure it’s not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors…. First though, let’s quickly summarise what HP announced… Read More »

Pure Storage: Show Me the Money!!

Holy shmokes! Pure Storage just netted an insane $225M in Series F funding! Taking their total VC cash haul – after 6 rounds – to a not too shabby $470M!  That's right, 470 meeeeellion dollars!  US dollars. Not Jamaican dollars!   So what does that mean?

Dell and Cool Tech…. Errrrr?

Hmmmm "Dell" and "Cool Tech"…. not exactly two terms that naturally roll off the tongue… So I just landed in Frankfurt to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum (I quit my 9-5 so should be more active and involved again). Caught up with Enrico Signoretti tonight at the welcome lunch.  As it always is with Enrico, it… Read More »

Benchmarks Shmenchmarks

I recently recorded a podcast with Ray Lucchesi, a guy with a shed load of storage experience that I respect a lot. Ray puts out a pretty decent monthly newsletter covering interesting things that have happened in the world of storage, as well as a roundup of some of the latest benchmark and performance news.… Read More »

Pure Storage FlashArray: Ooooooh yeh!

Today Pure Storage announced a pretty cool new all flash storage array, the Pure Storage FlashArray.  An interesting startup playing in an interesting and massively disruptive area of technology.  This post guts under the hood of the Pure Storage FlashArray and explains exactly why solid state storage technologies are literally changing the rules when it… Read More »

How to Build a Solid State Storage Array

While attended the April 2012 Solid State Storage Symposium in San Jose I had the opportunity to host a panel of experts and technologists from four of the leading solid state storage array vendors.  The panel discussed how to design and architect storage arrays built around solid state storage technologies.  Some of the questions included….