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3PAR Dedupe – Let’s Take a Look

OK then…. the *big* storage announcement at HP Discover was dedupe for 3PAR. Well, now that the fireworks are finished and the rock music’s died down, I think it’s time we take a closer look and make sure it’s not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors…. First though, let’s quickly summarise what HP announced… Read More »

Dell and Cool Tech…. Errrrr?

Hmmmm "Dell" and "Cool Tech"…. not exactly two terms that naturally roll off the tongue… So I just landed in Frankfurt to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum (I quit my 9-5 so should be more active and involved again). Caught up with Enrico Signoretti tonight at the welcome lunch.  As it always is with Enrico, it… Read More »

3PAR V-Class: The Best Just Got Better

Disclaimer: I’m a self confessed fan of the 3PAR architecture.  I think its best and cleanest design of all of the enterprise class storage arrays on the market.  But I admit that architecture isn’t everything, service, support, cost etc all play a part in the wider solution. Anyway, now that that is out of the… Read More »