Brand new Docker Deep Dive course!

By | January 5, 2018

I’m really excited to announce my brand new Docker Deep Dive video training course.

Following on from the success of original course, which averaged 5-stars over ~2000 ratings, this is 100% new content and it’s bang up-to-date.

It starts with the fundamentals – namespaces, control groups, and union filesystems. And it covers Windows and Linux!

After that, it gets under the hood with the major building blocks of images and containers. Then it covers containerizing apps, multi-stage builds, orchestration, networking, storage, secrets, stacks and enterprise-grade tools.

It’s zero-to-Docker in a single course! After you’ve completed it, you’ll have everything you need to start rocking with containers.

It also covers most of the requirements for the Docker Certified Associate exam! It doesn’t quite cover everything, and it’s certainly not an exam-cram course (it’s a real-world course). But it gives you most of what you need to pass the exam! I’ve passed the exam, so I know.

What more could you want!

Quick question: If you’ve already taken my previous Docker Deep Dive course, should you take this one as well?

Quick answer: Yes. This is 100% new content, it’s waaaaay more up-to-date (the old course was Jan 2015), and it covers a bunch of the new stuff like Secrets, multi-stage builds, networks and more+++

Huge thanks to Jessie Mauser, Jake Druecke, Sean Lowrey and all the folks at Pluralsight for helping get this amazing course over the finishing line!

Here’s a few screenshots showing you what you’ll get. An insane amount of effort went into making sure you get the absolute best experience!


2 thoughts on “Brand new Docker Deep Dive course!

  1. Arrey

    So Nigel. Are you I should no longer worry about your other docker courses since this cover everything? Should watch just this single course?

  2. Nigel Poulton Post author

    That’s a great question. If you’re totally new to Docker and containers then you should take Docker and Containers: The Big Picture first. And may be Getting started with Docker. But it you already know the basics then start with this.

    I guess you can start with this, and if it’s too deep, take the others then come back to it.


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