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Learn storage with “Data Storage Networking”

About This Book

I'm passionate about technology.  It fascinates me and I love learning how it works.  I'm also passionate about sharing.  And this book is me sharing, in the best way I know possible.

Books have been a massive part of my professional learning, and in 2002 I even took Mark Minasi's "Mastering Windows 2000 Server" on my honeymoon.  

Now I'm giving back and hoping to have a positive influence on other peoples lives and careers.

I slaved away for 11 months of last year writing what I hope is the best data storage book on the market.  I say "slaved", but it was a labour of love, and I think it's an awsome book.  I wouldn't have put my name against it if I didn't think it was great.

If you want to learn data storage, I'm sure you'll love this book and will find it invaluable as you learn important new skills.