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By | June 12, 2012

I recently recorded a podcast with Ray Lucchesi, a guy with a shed load of storage experience that I respect a lot.

Ray puts out a pretty decent monthly newsletter covering interesting things that have happened in the world of storage, as well as a roundup of some of the latest benchmark and performance news. In this podcast we discuss items from Rays newsletter, including –

  • Is there any point to benchmarks
  • Which benchmarks are good (i any) and which are a waste of time
  • What Ray has found interesting from the world of performance benchmarks in the last few weeks
  • IBM XIV – is it midrange or enterprise and how does it fair in SPC-2 benchmarks
  • Why dont we see flash array vendors submitting SPC benchmarks
  • Why doesn't EMC submit SPC benchmarks

Once a month the Deep Dive podcast will review Rays newsletter, covering the most interesting technical news from the storage world. DON'T MISS AN EPISODE – SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE!

…or click to download this podcast

Infosmack Podcast MP3

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