Anyone want container scars!

By | September 21, 2016

Most people think Docker is just for developers. Comments like this from Keith Townsend’s CTO Advisor blog are all over the internet:

“… It’s obvious that Docker is a company focused on developers opposed to infrastructure…”

While I don’t necessarily agree with Keith‘s comment, I hear it enough to know that plenty of people see it this way. But I think it’s a dangerous view to take!

Why is it a dangerous view?

Plenty of us in IT Ops ignored the cloud and got blindsided. Developers purchasing cloud infra and services that quickly became business critical and the responsibility of IT Ops left a lot of us with scars that still hurt.

Ignoring containers and leaving them solely to developers is asking for more scars!

Hands up IT Ops folks out there who want to be asked to build a production-grade Docker infrastructure to run critical line-of-business Docker workloads… and to have it ready yesterday!?

Burying your head won’t help

I’m guessing not many of you raised your hand to that question…

But that’s the kind of thing we’re gonna be asked to do. And burying our heads in the sand while crossing our fingers and toes won’t stop it from happening. We need to prepare!

As IT pros we need to prepare ourselves, our teams, and our organisations for the looming age of containers – cue scary sound effects 😉

Prepare yourself

Many of you know that I make Docker training videos for Pluralsight. If you’ve watched any of them – thanks!

Well, earlier this week I published my first book on Docker – Docker for Sysadmins: Linux Windows VMware.

Docker for Sysadmins: Linux Windows VMware

It’s currently just an ebook available on Leanpub and Kindle. There’s a couple of sample chapters here.

But the premise of the book is that it’s hand crafted for sysadmins. So nothing about how to develop microservice web apps on Docker. Everything about how the basic Docker plumbing works.

I’ve kept it to around 100 pages so that its easy to consume and gets you up to speed ASAP!

I also vow to keep it up to date because I hate books that are out of date (I think if you buy it on Leanpub you get updates for free).

So if you’re in IT Ops or DevOps, and you want to get savvy with Docker, I think you’ll like the book.

Happy to discuss anything raised in this article!

2 thoughts on “Anyone want container scars!

  1. Keith Townsend

    It’s not that I don’t believe it’s important to operations people to learn. It’s that I don’t believe Docker focus’ significant enough attention on operations people.

  2. Nigel Poulton Post author

    I hear you Keith, and I honestly think there’s changes happening in that area. A challenge I think I see is that the leadership at Docker, Inc. seems to predominantly comprise developer DNA. Folks lower down the chain of command have good ops focus but it takes time to filter to the top. Progress is definitely being made, just a bit slower than I’d personally like.

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