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Hi I’m Nigel and I’m a containerholic. I spend all day every day working with Docker and containers.

For my day job I create video training courses for Pluralsight, and I also write technology books.

When I’m not working I co-host a weekly technology news podcast called In Tech We Trust.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @nigelpoulton

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. amirul

    about bl**dy time!…didn't we talk about your own blog site years ago…..?

  2. Rocco

    GReat website Bro!  I am the FOunder and CEO of COntour Data SOlutions and I have so say that I enjoy coming to your site and reading your content! 

  3. Si

    I was just doing a research on a new storage array I'm working on..And landed here al the way from S Africa….great blog I love it…very relevant…keep up the good work

  4. yohan

    thanks for the comaptia storage+ courses in pluralsight

    they look absolutely fantastic

  5. raza.zaide@gmail.com

    Being a networking professional I always found Storage a thing to discover and to learn more about. Nigel Poulton has done a wonderful work in making a comTIA Storage + cbt for trainsignal. This is a in-depth overview of what storage is all about. Thank you Nigel.


  6. prtlyCloudy

    You should check out VMTurbo – super cool resource analytics, one of the fastest growing companies in virtualization management

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  8. Lance

    Just breaking ground on the 3PAR myself. In a word, impressive! We’re installing several 4 node and a couple of 2 node (OOBM) all FC. Have you ever seen a good write up for connecting up the 3PAR NSP to various hp switches (6000, 6500 and 8000) to take advantage of spreading the load across the switch ASICs? It would certainly be helpful if I could find some detail of the ASIC per FC port group for these damn switch. In any case, well done, I like what I’ve found in your blog. Regards from the Midwest USA

  9. Diego Castañeda

    Muy bueno el curso de docker. Excelente!!!. Gracias!

  10. Rich

    Thank you for the amazing CompTia+ SNIA training. Could not have done it without your Pluralsight course. Fast paced, incredibly well-explained, and who knew storage could be funny! You are a brilliant teacher Nigel. Thanks again!

  11. Donald

    Due to reading your Data Storage Networking book the SNIA exam was easy to do.
    Great written.

  12. Wallace Davis

    Nigel, I Love your AWS Amazon VPC Training on Pluralsight. You make learning technology exciting again! Working on my AWS SysOps Admin certificate but I have a lot to learn. Thanks again. 🙂

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