About Me

Thanks for dropping by.  My name is Nigel Poulton and I am a technical consultant specialising in enterprise storage and new technologies, with a keen interest in all things Data Center.  This blog is intended as a forum for top notch technical discussion, and as such requires people like yourself to join in with comments and keep the discussion lively and on track.  Opinions I express on this website are my own personal opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any of my employers (past, present and future).

About Me

I’m a husband to my wonderful best of breed virtual dynamic green high performance low latency wife, and father to my two gorgeous daughters.  When I’m not working or blogging, I divide what precious little time is left between playing football (soccer), watching football (the mighty Sunderland AFC), lifting the odd weight and church (LDS/Mormon).

Technical Info

I have over 10 years experience in IT, predominantly in large enterprise environments.  During this time I have contracted for several vendors such as HDS, HP and IBM, as well as medium and large customers including large financial institutions and government agencies.  

I currently work in strategic and architectural roles.  I love all thigns enterprise tech, but am dont care for computer games and techy stuff at home – I guess you could say Im a professional technology junkie but do not spend my free time playing with computers.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. amirul

    about bl**dy time!…didn't we talk about your own blog site years ago…..?

  2. Rocco

    GReat website Bro!  I am the FOunder and CEO of COntour Data SOlutions and I have so say that I enjoy coming to your site and reading your content! 

  3. Si

    I was just doing a research on a new storage array I'm working on..And landed here al the way from S Africa….great blog I love it…very relevant…keep up the good work

  4. yohan

    thanks for the comaptia storage+ courses in pluralsight

    they look absolutely fantastic

  5. raza.zaide@gmail.com

    Being a networking professional I always found Storage a thing to discover and to learn more about. Nigel Poulton has done a wonderful work in making a comTIA Storage + cbt for trainsignal. This is a in-depth overview of what storage is all about. Thank you Nigel.


  6. prtlyCloudy

    You should check out VMTurbo – super cool resource analytics, one of the fastest growing companies in virtualization management

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