STORY: About the price of my Docker book

Let me get straight to the point. I am absolutely gutted about the high price of the paperback edition of my book! Genuinely mortified! Here’s the story (short). I spent 6 very long, very painful weeks adding 200 pages to the book and am extremely proud of the final product. I think it’s the best… Read More »

Do you rule Docker?

Today I had a conversation with my 6 year-old daughter about Docker. It went like this: Mia: Dad, you know how you work for Docker… Me: Well, no actually… Mia: Well are you the Captain of all of Docker? Me: [Laughing] … no sweetie. Mia: Do you rule Docker? At this point I’m wetting myself laughing. And with… Read More »

Brand new Docker Deep Dive course!

I’m really excited to announce my brand new Docker Deep Dive video training course. Following on from the success of original course, which averaged 5-stars over ~2000 ratings, this is 100% new content and it’s bang up-to-date. It starts with the fundamentals – namespaces, control groups, and union filesystems. And it covers Windows and Linux!… Read More »

Kubernetes vs Swarm: And the winner is…

Kubernetes. The End. Hang on though…… I’m really talking about Kubernetes vs Swarm as a scheduler! Docker, Inc. just announced native integration of Kubernetes into Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). It’s not hear yet, but it’s coming. Soon. Just as well I’ve got a book on Kubernetes 😀 How will it look? You’ll build a Swarm… Read More »

Docker Engine on Windows

I’ve recently added a “Docker Engine” chapter to my Docker Deep Dive book. When I was writing it, I realised I didn’t know that much about how it implemented on Windows. Anyway, here’s a bit of what I’ve learned…

Updates to Docker Deep Dive BOOK

Did you know that the Docker daemon is no longer capable of creating containers!? It’s true. And it’s a good thing! In fact, it’s so good that I’ve written an entire chapter on it in my Docker Deep Dive book. OK, so….. I’m currently on holiday, so what better thing to do than write a… Read More »

Docker book available in paperback!

My Docker book is now available in paperback from Amazon – woot! Even though I’m a techie, I hate reading on a screen. For me, paper rules. So I’ve finally taken the plunge and arranged printed copies – available through Amazon Prime in certain markets. Gotta be happy with that. Next up I’m planning on… Read More »